10 Most Underrated Skills That Can Make You Employer’s First Choice in 2022

What is the most important thing employers look for in a candidate during the hiring process? There can not only be one answer to this question, but the candidate's skills are certainly one of the core factors. Some skills are not necessarily included in the job description but can add tremendous value to a position or company. According to the Forbes survey, skills like creative problem solving, emotional intelligence, and other soft skills are underrated skills employers look for in new hires. Here are the 10 most underrated skills that can make you stand out of the crowd in the hiring process.

Creative problem solving

The World Economic Forum's report on the future of jobs mentions the importance of creative problem-solving at work. In this technology-driven work environment, where machines and computers are doing analytical and data work, creative problem-solving skills are what makes humans unique. This skill often is not mentioned in the Job description but is vital for an individual. Creative problem solving allows one to handle complex and unpredicted situations at work or in life. 

Goal Setting

Goal setting and achieving them as per the plan is a skill that can help you grow in your career. Setting goals provides you with a framework to achieve milestones in your career. Mastering this skill will help you and the organization to grow. Thinking SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-related) will always help you achieve your dream career.

Effective Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is the essential requirement employers want in a candidate. Whether it is a business meeting, an interview, or communicating with potential clients, your command of communication will make all the difference. Communication is not only about presenting your ideas, but it is equally important to listen to others carefully. A good speaker is always a good listener. 

Critical Thinking

The Future of Work Skills 2020 report by the World Economic Forum mentions the key work skills needed in the next ten years. Critical Thinking is one of the skills in that list. Creativity is a skill that makes humans unique from computers. Even artificial intelligence can hardly replicate, making it one of the skills that future workers will need to succeed. 

Time Management

Time management is the key to a successful career. Good time management helps you use your time effectively, make the right decisions and achieve desired results. You can take the help of time management tools to make it a habit. One such tool is Itnernshae's Action Planning Tool, which is highly effective and will help you manage your time correctly.

Emotional Intelligence

Being highly educated and looking good on papers is not enough. One should have the skill of emotional intelligence to collaborate with others on great ideas. Dealing well with people (customers, clients, teammates, community, and employees) in a fantastic way is essential. Interacting with people, understanding the importance of emotions, and having empathy are crucial parts of a successful professional's personality. 

Team Work

Teamwork is an essential skill for success in professional life. Collaborating and working well with other members requires you to have teamwork skills. No, employers would prefer candidates with a lack of teamwork because these skills maintain a strong work culture and help the individual's and organization's growth. 

Strong Work Ethics

Work ethic is an essential factor in the growth of your career. It leads to a positive experience in the workplace for both you and your co-workers. Having a strong work ethic will lead to improved job performance, higher job satisfaction, and career advancement.

Group Discussion

Group discussion is a skill that leads to significant decisions in an organization. A group discussion is substantial in any sphere, whether academics, general meetings, business, or professional environment. It plays a vital role in problem-solving and decision-making.

Presentation Skills

The importance of presentation skills is quite underrated at work. Employers often want individuals with good presentation skills, and it requires organization and confidence. Developing your presentation skills and being well presented in the workplace, in presentations, meetings, or discussions with colleagues or clients is essential for your career growth.