Are presentation and language skills overemphasized in the employability index?

Sanjay Kaul

Your ability to communicate, negotiate, argue, debate, present, persuade, and pitch depends a lot on many sub-factors:

  • Your subject knowledge, experience, and quality of research conducted.

  • Your track record and your current position on the responsibility matrix.

  • The quality of arguments, data, interpretation, analysis, bias or neutrality, quoting of precedence, benchmarked insights, or simply the quality of the content you present.

  • The EQ you demonstrate before, during, and after your interaction with the people concerned including stakeholders.


  • Your communication and presentation skills.


At an ‘entry-level’ or in the immediate term while one may be able to impress others with a jazzy presentation, aggressive or forceful pitching, or the command of the language, in the short and long term the above-listed parameters generally apply.

So, while strong language and presentation skills may give anyone a head start, it will not on its own win the race. On the other hand, one may be strong on content but if low on communication it will be quite difficult to carry an argument even if on merit.

The best is to quickly rate your strength in either area and then improve on the other to have the right combination and create a balance. Those who may not currently possess good language, body language, or presentation skills can initially compensate by over improving their content development skills which impress equally.

source: Pinterest

Increasingly the CEOs appearing in the media or leadership glare are not appearing to be the very best in oratory skills, charismatic communication, blazing presentation skills alone but are a solid combination of many knowledge and reputation-based factors. At the same time and increasingly, the leaders who are over-relying on assertive communication, presentations, and /or dynamic personality alone, are getting identified earlier and at a lower management tier than before. Earlier they could rise and reach far and ahead with that ability alone as these abilities were in fact at a premium.

At the entry-level, the campus recruiters are identifying the best at a knowledge level first through a common test and then testing communication and presentation skills from the top raters. Thus, they are ensuring balance at the intake level.