Will Europe achieve the ecosystem equipoise?

Nicole Probha, Professional Intern

European Union’s role in Developing Human Well- Being and Ecosystem Resilience

EU’s model reflects upon how effective usage of resources not only ensure sustainable goals which the country has yet to achieve but also ensure the well-being of humans as overproduction and consumption do not only deplete the resources which can be used for a longer time and can be renewed but rather disturbs the balance in nature, climate and human health.

This idea invokes Economic growth, Environmental and Societal Growth are all inter-related and go hand in hand. Therefore, investing in sustainable development goals is highly essential. The initiatives which the country has been promoting for a sustainable future is also to assure that the citizens innovate their lifestyles, bring about a change in their consumption patterns.

The initiative focuses upon changing consumption patterns, in other words, they expect the citizens to buy products consciously, dispose or recycle them meticulously and continue this pattern which will benefit not only the individual but the country and universe as a whole.

Ecosystems, previously and today have been exploited enough that their measure of disturbance which could be absorbed can no longer handle the extremes from which the man had previously extracted and benefitted from, This model now breakdowns into to protecting the ecosystem whose structure has now changed due to exposure to various variables and process, therefore the need of the hour demands to control our behaviour so that the ecosystem regains equilibrium state.