Advisory Team

Raju Taneja


Raju is an independent consultant in quality management and an acclaimed trainer & mentor in quality and personal effectiveness. He brings with him 4 decades of work experience in organizations like NIIT Limited (IT), EXL Service (BPO), and Escorts Group (manufacturing), among others. He has managed corporate training and education centers, besides having handled corporate roles in the area of quality and delivery management. He is a commerce graduate from the 1976 batch of Delhi University and is professionally trained in quality training, personal effectiveness training, benchmarking, information mapping, business continuity planning, and process audits (Certified Lead Assessor for ISO-9001).

Ramesh Menon

Editor, Author, Journalist, Filmmaker, and Corporate Trainer

Ramesh has over 4 decades of experience in journalism and is also a recipient of the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism. He has authored six books, has been involved in making nearly 20 documentaries, and is a corporate trainer in soft skills. He is presently an Adjunct Professor at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune. He has been teaching for nearly 3 decades now and has mentored thousands of communications, media, and creative writing students. His innovative workshops have helped them see the joy of discovery and the joy of learning. He feels our education system must focus on building holistic youngsters who are confident, have good self-esteem, and have a will to take on the world.

Rosita Rabindra

Co-Founder at Diversity Dialogs, Consultant in Diversity and Inclusion, and Board Member

Rosita has over 3 decades of diverse work experience. Her unique expertise in sales & marketing and in leading a profit center before moving to HR gave her an in-depth understanding of business which helped her create impactful HR strategies and interventions. She has had the opportunity to work with NIIT and NIIT Technologies Ltd. since the company’s inception. Her ability to understand the emerging industry enabled her to become the Chief People Officer of NIIT Technologies. Under her leadership, NIIT Technologies has won several accolades for its People Practices, the most significant recognition being ranked first by the American Society of Training and Development. She also co-founded Diversity Dialogs that help women take charge of all aspects of their lives and help organizations evaluate and change diversity, inclusive mindsets, culture, policies, and procedures.

Santanil Dasgupta

Director Corporate Relations at BML Munjal University

Santanil Dasgupta has over 2 decades of extensive experience, out of which he spent over 16 years in a specialized medical diagnostics industry before moving to the education sector in 2007. He led some top national and multinational companies during his medical diagnostics stints, like Ranbaxy Labs Ltd, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, J Mitra & Co Limited, and Recombigen Laboratories Pvt Limited. Though he considers his journey in the education sector an accident, he has welcomed the prospect with a great passion for establishing a career services department at two prominent universities, the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) & DIT University (DITU), before moving to BML Munjal University in 2018, where he is presently the Director of the Career Guidance & Development Centre.

Dr. Lakshmi Vaideeswaran

Analytics Consulting, Data Science, Manufacturing

Dr. Lakshmi Vaideeswaran has worked in Engineers India Limited, GE Plastics, Aspentech, Dow Chemical, SABIC, and Gyan Data. Her core strength is in developing technologies and commercializing them. In EIL, she was part of the team that developed NMP based solvent extraction technologies and revamped existing phenol-based plants with the new solvent. She has implemented energy optimization, expert systems-based technologies in the refining, petrochemical, and plastics industries. She was global head for process technologies awhile at Dow Chemical, and in SABIC, she headed the Innovative Plastics R&D in Bangalore. Her last stint was as the CEO of a Data Science startup in Chennai. Currently, she helps organizations scale up and connect technologies to the industry.

Vikas Narula


Vikas is a generation next educationist, a consultant for teachers, students, and parents with over 2 decades of experience in the education sector. With over two decades of association, he is currently serving as Sr. Associate Director (Sales Operation) of UPES, which has graduated 18000+ students over the years. In UPES, he created strategic partnerships with top corporates for tangible & intangible benefits, covering internships and placements, industry-academic alliances, domain-specific thought leadership forums, faculty internships, and alumni relations. He was the Head of North India operations in Wintech Computers, responsible for marketing short- and long-term training programs.

Latika Tandon

Leadership Coach and Strategic Consultant to SMEs & Social Sector

Latika has over 2 decades of multi-functional experience across banking, management consulting, and coaching. She works with business organizations to build leadership capability across levels through coaching and research in leadership development. She partners with SMEs to develop business strategies and research-based business and consumer solutions. She also works closely with the social sector in co-creating business solutions around livelihood, skill development, and financial inclusion. Her previous roles include- Lead Practice-BFSI - Kantar IMRB, Adviser-Strategy & Operations - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Director- Kairos Mgt. Consulting/Positron Advisory, and others.

Alka Madan

Corporate Relations, Brand Development

Alka has over 2 decades of a career spanning top corporations and educational institutions. She has held significant responsibilities such as strategic partnerships, corporate relations, career services, creating unique brand value propositions & business development, and social impact. She is currently Campus Director at Pearly Academy (Jaipur). Prior to Pearl, She was Vice President, Corporate Relations & Office of Development at Bennett University, New Delhi. She has also worked with UPES as Director of Corporate Relations and Career Services. She is an MBA in Marketing and is passionate about women’s empowerment, well-being and works towards this in every sphere of life.

Sakti Mukherjee

Marshall Goldsmith Certified Leadership Coach | Growth & Turnaround Strategist, CEO of Procon Operating Partners

Sakti has worked in India and Sub-Saharan Africa over the past 3 decades & across value streams. He has gained rich experience in consumer goods, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, industrials, renewables, content delivery, and technology. He has made a significant leadership impact through various management interventions, turnaround & restoration actions, scale-up dynamics & customer-centric value creation roles. He is an outcome-focused Business Process Strategist with strong operational, project management, and M&A process experience. He is trained in nurturing business systems and investments through the design & implementation of strategies for turnaround, restoration, growth & value creation.

Dr. Ugur Guven

Aerospace Engineer (Ph.D., B.Sc.) and a Nuclear Engineer (M.S)

Dr. Ugur Guven is an Aerospace Engineer (Ph.D., B.Sc.) and a Nuclear Engineer (M.S). Currently, as Senior Professor of Aerospace Engineering, he is researching Interstellar Travel and Utilization of Nuclear Energy for Space Missions and Space Habitats. He has written multiple papers in Interstellar Space Exploration and Space Propulsion, including Mission to Alpha Centauri, Mission to Lalande 21185, Mission to Wolf 359, and many more.

He serves as the Advisory Council Member to United Nations Centre for Space Science and Space Technology Education in the Asia-Pacific Region (UN CSSTEAP). He is also an Executive Advisor to Phoenix Space, UK, and the CEO of Prometheus Space Ltd., London. Dr. Ugur Guven is an expert in the lunar settlement, and he is actively involved with NASA LEAG meetings and workshops.

He is a well-known author and co-author of various books, including “Nuclear Propulsion Techniques for Spacecraft” and “Solid Rocket Propulsion for Space Exploration.”

Dr. Guven is a member of the advisory board of Internshape and guides on Future Technologies and Innovative Education Approaches.