How do you know your resume will catch the Recruiter's attention

Manisha Jyala

A resume is not just a summary or documentation of your basic information, work experience, and skills but it is an important factor that makes you stand out from the crowd. A resume is not only about summarizing your accomplishments and skills but is more about the way you organize the information and presentation. What is that element which makes your resume different from others and catches the hiring manager’s attention? 

Resume writing is a crucial step in your job search journey and here we are providing some simple but effective tips to make your resume successful.

Make it brief and easy to read

Keep your resumes simple, short, and straightforward. A lengthy resume with lengthy paragraphs and descriptions of your old job duties won’t help you but an organized one will surely do. According to research by TalentWorks resumes over 600 words are 43% less hireable.  So when it comes to word length in resume writing, less is more. Keeping this in mind try to keep each section of the resume short and to the point, including the summary and experience descriptions.

Include only the most relevant information

The hiring personnel has a minimal amount of time to review your resume. If your resume is not organized then it will be lost with the rejected ones. According to studies the average recruiter or hiring manager spends 6-7 seconds reading a resume. Including only the key highlights and most relevant information in your resume benefits you in various ways. This means hiring personnel will be able to consume more information about you. Also, it makes your resume more attractive and quickly understandable. Key points with facts and figures better demonstrate your skills and experience than long sentences. So keep it short, precise, and organized.

Put the most important information first

Start with your most recent/ current job and if you are a fresher then always put your most recent/ current education first. Always use reverse chronological order. While listing your work experience or qualification always mention the period, starting year, and ending year of your job/ education. Hiring managers don’t spend a lot of time reading each resume. So listing your most relevant and recent information will highlight the best part about you in a minimal time.

Use professional font

It is all about time, your resume should be able to highlight the best about you in a minimal time. Your resume should be as clear and as easy to read as possible. Always use a basic, clean font like Arial or Times New Roman. Keep your font size between 10 and 12 points. Selecting a clear, readable font is crucial to make your resume appear more professional.

Avoid grammatical mistakes

Having a grammatical mistake can get your resume thrown into the rejection pile. Punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, and any kind of grammatical mistakes give a negative impression about you and indicate an unprofessional attitude. So always proofread and cross-check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Before submitting the resume, always cross-check and proofread it. It is about the basic and simple things that are ignored while making a resume. Your resume is often the first step to getting an interview with an employer. Make sure to put your best into it and make it a success.