Dr. Lakshmi Vaideeswaran

Analytics Consulting, Data Science, Manufacturing

Dr. Lakshmi Vaideeswaran has worked in Engineers India Limited, GE Plastics, Aspentech, Dow Chemical, SABIC, and Gyan Data. Her core strength is in developing technologies and commercializing them. In EIL, she was part of the team that developed NMP based solvent extraction technologies and revamped existing phenol-based plants with the new solvent. She has implemented energy optimization, expert systems-based technologies in the refining, petrochemical, and plastics industries. She was global head for process technologies awhile at Dow Chemical, and in SABIC, she headed the Innovative Plastics R&D in Bangalore. Her last stint was as the CEO of a Data Science startup in Chennai. Currently, she helps organizations scale up and connect technologies to the industry.