Rosita Rabindra

Co-Founder at Diversity Dialogs, Consultant in Diversity and Inclusion, and Board Member

Rosita has over 3 decades of diverse work experience. Her unique expertise in sales & marketing and in leading a profit center before moving to HR gave her an in-depth understanding of business which helped her create impactful HR strategies and interventions. She has had the opportunity to work with NIIT and NIIT Technologies Ltd. since the company’s inception. Her ability to understand the emerging industry enabled her to become the Chief People Officer of NIIT Technologies. Under her leadership, NIIT Technologies has won several accolades for its People Practices, the most significant recognition being ranked first by the American Society of Training and Development. She also co-founded Diversity Dialogs that help women take charge of all aspects of their lives and help organizations evaluate and change diversity, inclusive mindsets, culture, policies, and procedures.