About the Program

The Explorer Program is a stepping stone for those who want to explore different career prospects in any subject of their choice. It is designed to give a complete overview of the subject and the future it holds. Internshape explorer program is stitched for high school and pre-final year college students and also for career changers who want to understand the field. If you are looking forward to turning your passion into a career, this program is suited to identify the potential of your dream career in the real market.

  • Program Type - Exploratory
  • Duration - 30 Days
  • Effort - Only 3 hours/ day
  • Mode of Delivery - Online 
  • Certification - Yes 

The Space Explorer Program

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Key Highlights of The Program

  • Access to Dashboard
  • Live Interactive Sessions
  • Projects under industry experts

  • Reading Materials
  • Self-paced video contents
  • Exploratory Assignments

  • Express entry in the advance program
  •  Preference in live Internship programs
  • Exclusive access to webinar

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Ambuj Tiwari

Explorer Student

In the starting phase, I was scared of turning on my phone’s camera, and after a whole month, I was able to communicate better than in the starting phase of the project.

Ankita Mishra

Explorer Student

My experience with Internshape was very different from my previous internships. In Internshape, we got regular feedback from our mentor, which helped me with my work. My mentor was quite responsive in helping me with data collection, analyses, and the making of my report.


Explorer Student

In this internship, my mentor focused on very small things, from helping me clear my doubts to making APT (Action Planning Tool). Whenever I needed help, sir would quickly reply and guide me. Also, while preparing the report, sir would always clear all our doubts and help us in the areas where we were lacking.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program allows you to explore various career options. Then narrow down to specific options with the help of test results and research to get clarity and understand the requirements for each of them.

Teaching is something that happens at the college level. While we do not teach at Internshape, we help an Intern to learn how to learn, and this learning will be assisted by our coaches.

It would take an intern time to find the resources then vet the resources to make sure they are credible. Also, it will take time to piece the resources together into a learning structure that will facilitate learning. As time is valuable, and if the intern’s goal is to learn a subject, then free resources will not always get one there. Therefore, we at internshape help our interns and provide a platform with structured learning. The intern's learnings and skills will prepare them for a better chance of getting a job, and it will remain lifelong learning.

Yes, where applicable, reference links will be provided. This program is designed to make the intern learn how to learn. Success in professional life depends on your ability to search and find material to enhance your learning. We do provide limited assistance in your quest for your learning.


Internshape’s programs are not accredited by any Government agency nor approved by any Education or Industry Body or associations. All programs offered by Internshape are focused on enhancing your skills and making you employable to the best of our understanding. Internshape neither guarantees an internship in any other Company nor placement.