Dr. Ugur Guven

Aerospace Engineer (Ph.D., B.Sc.) and a Nuclear Engineer (M.S)

Dr. Ugur Guven is an Aerospace Engineer (Ph.D., B.Sc.) and a Nuclear Engineer (M.S). Currently, as Senior Professor of Aerospace Engineering, he is researching Interstellar Travel and Utilization of Nuclear Energy for Space Missions and Space Habitats. He has written multiple papers in Interstellar Space Exploration and Space Propulsion, including Mission to Alpha Centauri, Mission to Lalande 21185, Mission to Wolf 359, and many more.

He serves as the Advisory Council Member to United Nations Centre for Space Science and Space Technology Education in the Asia-Pacific Region (UN CSSTEAP). He is also an Executive Advisor to Phoenix Space, UK, and the CEO of Prometheus Space Ltd., London. Dr. Ugur Guven is an expert in the lunar settlement, and he is actively involved with NASA LEAG meetings and workshops.

He is a well-known author and co-author of various books, including “Nuclear Propulsion Techniques for Spacecraft” and “Solid Rocket Propulsion for Space Exploration.”

Dr. Guven is a member of the advisory board of Internshape and guides on Future Technologies and Innovative Education Approaches.