Do Learn Philosophy

At Intershape, we believe in the ‘Do Learn’ philosophy, i.e. learn by doing. We provide an environment where curiosity is your guide, mistakes are your opportunities, and learning happens through practical experience.


  • Online Course
  • 30 Days
  • Exploratory Program
  • Beginner level
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  • Online Course
  • 60 Days
  • Simulated Internship
  • Intermediate Level 
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  • Online/Offline* Course
  • 60-180 Days*
  • Live Industry Internship/Projects
  • Advanced Level 
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*Conditional - Subject to Industry Partner’s requirements;
 An intern is expected to invest 3 hours per day for defined number of days

Our Coaches

Shantanu Brajesh

Domain/Industry: Oil & Gas

Devender Gupta

Domain/Industry: Infrastructure (construction / compliance/maintenance) - Oil & Gas

Henry Scriven

Domain/Industry: Digital Media

Capt. Nand Kishor Sah

Domain/Industry: Oil & Gas

George Sebastian

Domain: Media Advertising

Supratik Mukherjee

Domain: Investment Banking and Corporate Finance

Pradeep Dikshit

Domain: Finance

Prabhat Khare

Domain: Energy Audit and the Green Energy field

Praveen Chaudhary

Domain: Oil and Gas

P.K. Jain

Domain: Oil & Gas

Chesler Thomas

Domain: Space Technology, Innovation, and Business

Sonal Shukla 

Domain: Coding & Cyber Security

CM Khurana

Domain: Banking & Finance 

Rajesh Ahuja

Domain: Oil and Gas

Student Testimonial 

Ambuj Tiwari

Explorer Intern 

In the starting phase, I was scared of turning on my phone’s camera, and after a month, I was able to communicate better than in the starting phase of the program. 

Ankita Mishra

Explorer Intern

My experience with Internshape was very different from my previous internships. In Internshape, we got regular feedback from our mentor, which helped me with my work. My mentor was quite responsive in helping me with data collection, analyses, and the making of my report.

Arham Khan

Explorer Intern

In this internship, my mentor focused on very small things, from helping me clear my doubts to making APT (Action Planning Tool). Whenever I needed help, sir would quickly reply and guide me. Also, while preparing the report, sir would always clear all our doubts and help us in the areas where we were lacking.

Industry Partners

Testimonial  From Industry Partners

AJEEVI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“Internshape smoothens the journey of graduates from college to the industry."

"Mentors at Intershape know the subject and imbibe necessary industry skills to the interns." 

Feedback from Placed Interns and companies

Vishal Sahu - He is technically sound and worked alongside the team on some project activities and received good feedback as well. 

- By Proactive Data System

Mohit Sharma - He has good comm. and customer handling skills. May be further groomed and can be held responsible to handle projects with the team as he has worked in a team on some project activities and received good feedback 

- By Proactive Data System


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